It’s Gonna Find You

A few months ago, my friend Aaron Espe posted a video of a song from his new project, Bombs Over Nowhere. It’s been rattling around in my head ever since. This one doesn’t need much comment, but I’d humbly suggest you watch it at least twice. The first time, just soak it in. The second time, pay attention to the details of the story.

I’m guessing I won’t need to suggest that you watch it again tomorrow.


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About pcfaust

Paul is the Pastor of Young Adults and Ministry at Grace Church of Arvada in Arvada, Colorado. He completed his Master of Arts in English at Liberty in May of 2012, and he's recently been contemplating the way that God continually reaches out to "outsiders" - people that aren't usually considered His favorites. He also likes to make up nonsense words with his three year old son, and he hasn't yet figured out how he ended up married to such an incredibly beautiful woman.

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