Clayton’s Story

Every once in a while, we get the chance to be challenged by someone who can see beyond the constant drudgery, despair, and endless triviality of our everyday lives. One person who has issued such a challenge is a young man named Clayton McDonald. If you have six and a half minutes to spare and heart willing to pursue the things that matter most, then I’d highly encourage you to take the time to watch Clayton’s story. Thanks to my friends Jacob and Joshua Lewis for not only telling Clayton’s story, but for telling it with the artistry, humanity, and thoughtfulness it deserves.

View Clayton’s story here:


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About pcfaust

Paul is the Pastor of Young Adults and Ministry at Grace Church of Arvada in Arvada, Colorado. He completed his Master of Arts in English at Liberty in May of 2012, and he's recently been contemplating the way that God continually reaches out to "outsiders" - people that aren't usually considered His favorites. He also likes to make up nonsense words with his three year old son, and he hasn't yet figured out how he ended up married to such an incredibly beautiful woman.

2 thoughts on “Clayton’s Story

  1. I love hearing Clayton’s story again and again. As a weird coincidence, I went to high school with the guys that produced the video and to college with a girl who was really close friends with Clayton, so I was introduced to him from several angles before his passing. Before and after his death, he spread so much peace and hope to those who knew him, evidence not of his own strength or abilities, but of the Spirit’s power to work through us. What an awesome reminder that all of our lives have the potential to be billboards of God’s love to the world, and that all of us end up influencing even more people than we realize. Let’s influence them the way Clayton did.

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